That Guy in Action

That Guy in Action is a special section of this resource Web site created to showcase some of the great work that Points of Contact (POCs) are doing at their installations. With this page, we hope to create an online community for POCs from military installations around the world to share their success stories, photos and ideas for implementing the campaign. We encourage you to submit your That Guy anecdotes and stories, as well as learn from your peers about what they are doing with the campaign.

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In celebration of the Air Force’s birthday, That Guy champion POC, SSgt Ebony Santiago and the Keesler Air Force base ADAPT team worked to integrate That Guy anti-binge drinking materials and messaging into the installation’s birthday block party. Using That Guy cornhole sets, young Airmen were given “drunk goggles” to wear during play, not only as an added challenge to the game, but also as a way to identify the dexterity challenges that surface if attempting to play while “drunk”.
In addition, Keesler AFB POCs have determined specific locations on and off installation where young Airmen frequent, and have utilized a number of That Guy materials, including this life-sized That Girl Fathead decal, in locations like the Vandenberg Community Center on base, the dormitories, and at recreational events. This eye-catching decal is a unique way to catch the attention of the junior servicemen and women in the installation’s recreational spaces.
As one of the Air Force’s major training installations, Keesler sees an influx of thousands of students throughout the year providing a great opportunity to expose the young Airmen to the “Don’t be That Guy” message.
Keesler AFB POCs continuously think of new and innovative ways to keep the Airmen engaged with relevant That Guy messaging where they live, work, and play. Keep up the great work, Keesler AFB!

That Guy campaign POC ABEC(AW/SW) Jayson Kumar, who works in substance abuse and operations at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) in Cuba, organized a That Guy basketball tournament with the junior enlisted and others on the installation. The tournament participants used That Guy branded-basketballs that will now be placed in a new fitness center on the installation. GTMO POCs have been using That Guy materials in creative ways since 2012 including handing out That Guy air fresheners at a fundraiser car wash, and using a variety of materials in installation bars. Service members stationed at GTMO are unable to leave base for liberty, but there are many installation clubs and other drinking establishments that ABEC Kumar continues to update with new posters and materials on a monthly basis. Keep up the great work in Cuba, ABEC Kumar!

Star POC Hollie Livingston, event planner with the NEX at NAS Pensacola, recently took That Guy to the next level in the Sunshine State. Hollie and her team hosted a That Guy game night event at the installation NEX featuring a basketball free-throw competition, as well as a dart and cornhole tournament where the players wore “beer goggles” to reflect what alcohol induced play would be like. Inspired by the campaign’s Tommy the Tequila Worm video spots, the team created a Tommy the Tequila worm costume and “Tommy” handed out That Guy materials and recited “Reasons not to be That Guy” throughout the event. Hollie and her team also hosted a Super Bowl pep rally/Mardi Gras party in January and featured That Guy materials throughout the event.
Way to go, NAS Pensacola, for showing your creativity and going above and beyond to help keep young sailors safe!

POC Chief Kevin Mick, in conjunction with sailors from Naples CSADD, hosted a motorcycle rally during Motorcycle Safety Month (May). The event, featuring more than 40 bikes and an attendance of over 1,000 servicemen and women, showcased That Guy campaign materials and messages. The team created That Guy T-shirts and handed out branded giveaways to the young sailors. This was a fantastic recreational way to tie-in the campaign, and we can’t wait to see what they plan next!

For information about how you can create your own That Guy t-shirts for your event, check out:

That Guy static cling

Nicole Sizemore, Prevention Coordinator at Fort Riley, has been tirelessly promoting the campaign for more than two years and recently used her own funds to produce a 3D That Guy static cling that will be applied to bar and restaurant bathrooms both on and off post. Nicole launched the design at the recent grand opening of their new state-of-the-art Warrior Zone on post and received tremendous feedback.
Standing outside the men's restroom, she heard things like, "Holy crap, I thought that was a real person," "That will definitely get your attention," and "That’s a lot better than a poster.” Congratulations to Nicole and her ASAP team for coming up with yet another fantastic way to get the That Guy message out there!

Tony Saluzzo, Lead Prevention Coordinator at Fort Campbell, is one of That Guy’s champion POCs who has taken the campaign to another level with soldiers returning from deployment. As the soldiers returning from Afghanistan process through the re-integration tables, Tony displayed playing cards, key chains, posters, and other materials on the tables for the soldiers to take.
Some of our POCs have found that creating That Guy “swag bags” full of materials to give to soldiers returning from deployment have been extremely successful in reaching the young enlisted at a pivotal moment. A big shout out from the That Guy team to Tony for all of his hard work!

Lisa Velez and Crystal Malloy, Prevention Coordinators at USAG Kaiserslautern in Germany created That Guy T-shirts and passed out That Guy posters and giveaway items at their recent BOSS Super Bowl Party. The event was well attended and interactive, with games and prizes throughout the night. Many thanks to Heather Robinson, Lisa Velez and Crystal Malloy for a successful event!

Thanks to all of our POCs who help make That Guy a worldwide success. With news year's resolutions now top of mind, we are spotlighting two standout events that show That Guy in action! Promoting true full-body fitness, two running events recently featured That Guy to help keep young servicemen on course.
Julie Howard, Semper Fit Health Promotion at MCAS Miramar hosted a "Don't be That Guy" 5K run before the holiday season.
With support from 39th Air Base Wing Commander Col. Eric Beene, Incirlik Air Base (Adana, Turkey) kicked off That Guy support this past October with a community placed banner hanging over their monthly Wing Run. Throughout 2011, That Guy public service announcements will be broadcast on the radio and Incirlik AB's American Forces Network, coasters and posters will be displayed at the consolidated club and clubs off base, and That Guy materials will be distributed.
Beene was recently quoted in a U.S. Airforce website article saying, "This campaign is not about telling Airmen not to drink; it's about encouraging Airmen to make responsible choices and to have a plan in place if they choose to drink.

Camp Pendleton, California introduced junior-enlisted to That Guy in the fall of 2007.  Bathroom advertising, campaign banners, and coaster distribution to local bars, restaurants, and other facilities made the campaign’s presence hard to ignore. 7,500 That Guy T-shirts were produced and distributed at events, including a concert sponsored by a local radio station. They even created table tents featuring the That Guy cartoons.

Randall Clift, Installation DAPA at Yokosuka Naval created a That Guy taxi magnet by downloading shuttle bus artwork from the Resource Section. Sincerest thanks to Randall, a That Guy Champion who tirelessly promotes That Guy beyond the installation gates.


"The materials are great! That Guy has become a part of our culture and is making a positive impact not only on our young service members, but the entire armed forces in general. Thank you for providing this service."

Rennie R. Givens, Semper Fit, MCCS, Marine Forces Reserve New Orleans

"Your advertisements allow junior sailors a funny perspective to a serious topic and allows them a different approach to the death-by-power-point way of training."

ET1 Mondae Killian, USS Nimitz

"Visual materials I believe work very well, That Guy is a particular one that I think is very, very effective. Thanks."

SSG Mutinda Charles, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

“I intend to create an environment of responsible use. I would like to demonstrate how not indulging in the use of alcohol is "cool" in this day and age, and be able to show how over-indulging in substance abuse can lead to moments in life that you really wish could be taken back. Every Sailor needs positive reinforcement and a new way to relate, and the "That Guy" campaign does just that.”

FCC(SW) Terence Jones, USS Hue City

"Thank you. The soldiers and airmen especially love the playing cards! I have enough of those for now, but I saw that you had new coasters so I am looking forward to getting those."

Dr. Amy Stevens, Georgia National Guard

"My previous order for That Guy material was a huge success! Soldiers grabbed so much material when they departed for the holiday season that we couldn't keep up. Now all units in my organization are dying to get their hands on more material to spread across their unit areas. Thank you very much for your timely delivery and your support to our organization."

MSG Terry Williams, Fort Lee

"You guys are doing a great job! A good buddy of mine implemented "That Guy" at his command and successfully had zero ARI's (Alcohol Related Incidences) for almost two years. The program works and would like to implement at SEAL Team FIVE."

LSCS Vincent Diega, Seal Team Five, NB Coronado

"Things are going great in Bahrain! More and more personnel are getting involved and everyone loves THATGUY!!! We receive positive daily feedback from the base, and this campaign make all our events very successful. We really appreciate you guys. Thanks a lot."

RaTracia Burton, NSA BAHRAIN, CSADD Chapter President

"Thank you for all your help. I am sure our sailors will love the promotional items, I am already getting great feedback about the posters!"

FCC(SW) Anthony McCloskey, Southeast Regional Maintenance Center, Mayport

"Love your stuff! This campaign has been great, and the Sailors here react well to it. They ask for posters to put up in the lounges and kitchens on their floors, and I"ve even seen some on doors. Being overseas with a lower drinking age, the experimentation phase here is a steep learning curve for these Sailors. Thanks again!"

Leah Strebin, NIOC Misawa