Keesler Celebrates the Air Force's Birthday with That Guy

In celebration of the Air Force’s birthday, That Guy champion POC, SSgt Ebony Santiago and the Keesler Air Force base ADAPT team worked to integrate That Guy anti-binge drinking materials and messaging into the installation’s birthday block party. Using That Guy cornhole sets, young Airmen were given “drunk goggles” to wear during play, not only as an added challenge to the game, but also as a way to identify the dexterity challenges that surface if attempting to play while “drunk”.
In addition, Keesler AFB POCs have determined specific locations on and off installation where young Airmen frequent, and have utilized a number of That Guy materials, including this life-sized That Girl Fathead decal, in locations like the Vandenberg Community Center on base, the dormitories, and at recreational events. This eye-catching decal is a unique way to catch the attention of the junior servicemen and women in the installation’s recreational spaces.
As one of the Air Force’s major training installations, Keesler sees an influx of thousands of students throughout the year providing a great opportunity to expose the young Airmen to the “Don’t be That Guy” message.
Keesler AFB POCs continuously think of new and innovative ways to keep the Airmen engaged with relevant That Guy messaging where they live, work, and play. Keep up the great work, Keesler AFB!