That Guy Game Night

Star POC Hollie Livingston, event planner with the NEX at NAS Pensacola, recently took That Guy to the next level in the Sunshine State. Hollie and her team hosted a That Guy game night event at the installation NEX featuring a basketball free-throw competition, as well as a dart and cornhole tournament where the players wore “beer goggles” to reflect what alcohol induced play would be like. Inspired by the campaign’s Tommy the Tequila Worm video spots, the team created a Tommy the Tequila worm costume and “Tommy” handed out That Guy materials and recited “Reasons not to be That Guy” throughout the event. Hollie and her team also hosted a Super Bowl pep rally/Mardi Gras party in January and featured That Guy materials throughout the event.
Way to go, NAS Pensacola, for showing your creativity and going above and beyond to help keep young sailors safe!